The Studio is located on the beautiful island Sollerön located in the lake Siljan in Sweden. It's a wonderful place far away from all distractions and where the creativity flows.

The studio offers full production services. From the first idea of a song all the way to all the streaming services or to the CD or vinyl printing factory. We provide WORLD CLASS mixing and mastering!

There are several great sounding rooms but the main studio consists of one large room with 4,6m ceiling height for BIG drum sounds and one smaller for tighter drum sounds, bass & guitar amps. Several other locations are available for experimentation.

We also do a lot of sessions where files and projects are sent over internet and all communications is done via mail, phone or Skype etc. It's a very effective way of working but of course you are welcommed to join the mixing or mastering session!


Our modern hybrid studio combines the best of both worlds. Digital is fantastic, but everything starts at the source. Great microphones into great preamps is the first step to a winning sound. We have a carefully selected combination of analogue hardware and digital programs and plug-ins. 


The studio also offers the possibility for ACCOMMODATION from 1 to 8 people in the studio or in a house nearby.


The studio is packed with guitars, tube amps and cabinetts. A large variety of analog hi-quality microphones, pre-amps and compressors.

  • Microphones - Shure, Neumann, Röde, Ehrlund, Audix etc.
  • Pre-Amps - Focusrite, SSL, Warm Audio, TLAudio, RME etc.
  • Monitoring - Genelec, Yamaha NS10, KRK, Cervn Vega etc.
  • Acoustic Guitars - Tanglewoods
  • Electric Guitars - Fenders, Gretsch, Gibsons, Kramers, Squires, Ibanez etc
  • Basses - Fender, Gibson, Ibanez
  • Amps - Ampeg SVT Classic, Marshall AFD100, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Hermansson Mod, Marshall SL-X - 5 Gain stage Hermansson Mod, Marshall 6100LE, Marshall JMP MKII -74, Fender Vibra Champ Reverb, Wizard Modern Classic, Elk F-61, Marshall Lead 12 etc
  • Speaker Cabinett - Serveral 4x12" & 2x12" cabinetts loaded with different speakers. Brands like Celestion, Marshall, ENGL, Ampeg etc
  • DAW Cubase Pro
  • Mastering - Wavelab Pro
  • MASSIVE amouts of premium Plug-ins
  • Great sounding live drum room
  • Great sounding mix room that's professionally treated for optimal frequency response. Full range speakers from 32Hz and up.